Shan Re

Window to Himalayas - 2015 to present

Dream Unfolding | 2016

Eternal Spring | 2015

Mystic Vibrations 1
| 2016

Frozen Rainbow | 2016

Valley of Silence | 2016

Midnight Mist | 2016

Melody of Silence
| 2016

Poetry in Red
| 2016

Budlet's Magic 7 | 2016

Whispers of the Universe

Valley of Silence 2

shan re
Poetry in Red 2
| 2016

Golden Budlet | 2016

shan re
Satori | 2016

Golden Valley | 2016

Nocturnal Bloom
| 2016

Nocturnal Whispers 1
| 2015

shan re
Nocturnal Whispers 3
| 2016

Eternal Spring

Window to Himalayas
| 2015

Window to Himlayas 8

WH 9 | 2017

Unfolding Magic 6

Unfolding Magic 7

Unfolding Magic 1

UM 2

Nocturnal Bloom 1

Golden Budlet 2

Beauty of Silence

Melody of Silence 2  

Melody of Silence 1  

Sound of Silence 

Rhythm of Silence 1

Rhythm of Silence 2

Melody of Silence

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ES No.7

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ES No.16
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This is a window to the higher states of consciousness...a window to the world of mystery, beauty, hope, silence, endurance and resilience; a deep engagement with my life. Here nature is just a metaphor for me. Nature has a power to renew, refresh and heal herself so I identify myself with nature and I feel that an eternal optimist like me is a human personification of spring. The color palette is the most defining feature in my art work; every drop of color is a word written on the canvas. Here I am constantly taking about each and every phase of my life, writing my story with an undying positive energy. I work in many layers towards a balanced harmony. They represent the depth and intensity of my emotions so these are basically my mindscapes.