Shan Re

Free Association Drawings- 2000 to present

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"A line is a dot that went for a walk"
Drawing is a magical process and line is a rich metaphor for me. My free association drawing is a manifestation of my life force. My subconscious mind which is source of all stored up feelings, perceptions, complexes, beliefs and desires which are outside my conscious awareness unroll themselves in the form of strong and powerful lines. I believe that "Automatic" drawing is one of the simplest psychic phenomena and it reveals volumes about your mood and personality.

Automatic drawing is a kind of "yoga" for me. It is the key to becoming centered, whole and flexible. Regular yoga practice loosens the body and relaxes the mind and spirit. Drawing does the same for me. It is both relaxing and freeing. It is the direct way to the centre of the self and helps me make all my creative work from the centre. I believe that this process helps in my evolution as an artist in a natural way, true to myself.

When I am in the process I feel a greater sense of synchronistic flow and purpose as lines and forms evolve in a more fluid and effortless manner. I allow my emotional energy to move through my body into my arm and onto the paper. Straight lines go too quickly to appreciate the pleasure of the journey. To make the line more meaningful I make the line move freely without a goal and curves appear and create a beauty to it. A line is not only a boundary but energy and growth. It is literally a moment and change.It is spontaneous, logically unconstrained association of ideas, emotions and feelings.

Free Association is an interesting technique used to solve inner conflicts and contradictions. It's commonly associated with Sigmund Freud . The goal is not primarily to uncover hidden memories, but to identify genuine thoughts and feelings about life situations to help re-train your brain with positive thinking to create the life you want.